Cattails squana'skw

This is one lesson of many bellow will be the brief explanation of each.  

Food - Cattail produces more edible starch than almost any green plant.  Cattail is more nutritious than rice, or potatoes but the fibers are not to be eating. You must extract the starch and not eat the fibers to avoid getting sick. 

Fire starting -The dried spikes make for excellent torches when soaked in animal fat or alcohol. only soak the top of the cat tail.  the torch can last for hours.    The end-of-season fluffy cattails are the ideal tinder.

Medicine - The medicinal uses of cattails include poultices made from the split and bruised roots that can be applied to cuts, wounds, burns, stings, and bruises. The ash of the burned cattail leaves can be used as an antiseptic or styptic for wounds. A small drop of a honey-like excretion, often found near the base of the plant, can be used as an antiseptic for small wounds and toothaches.

The root is also used for sore throat.  Dried the root is cut into pieces and chewed to relive pain.

The root can also be dried and than grind into a fine powered.  The powered is than mixed with goose grease. The sab is used as antibiotic cream and mild pain reliver.