Mewisin aqq pitwey (harvesting berries and tea)

Mewisultipnik Mijua'jijk Kiskuk, kisi-tu'tip ajioqjiminey pitwey (The childeren harvested Black berrys and made Tradional Tea.  students were given lessson on the orgins of black berrys which came from euorpeans and the plant got naturlized in the new world.  The Mikmaq used the berrys for tea to treat stomach problems, diarrhea and to clean the blood.  Students were also given strict lessons about never to consume anytihgn with looks like berrys unless it is identified and with adult suppervision.  The term Mewisultionik (havrvesting berrys) was a way of life for young Mikmaq in durring summer months in the past (before european contact and after euorpean contact).  this was the primary responsiblty of childeren along with gathering firewood for the family.  Many of us in the our 40s remeber harvesting berrys all summer with parents or grand parents.