Dream Catchers Lesson

In this lesson we teach the students about Dream Catchers.  We not only teach the students to make Dream Catchers but also make sure the students know where they came from and their meaning.  The Dream Catcher is the most commonly known symbol for first nation cultures.  It is also the most commercialized therefore may people do know where it comes from. 

In Ojibwe legend there was a spider woman (asibikaasi).  She took care of the Ojibwe and watched over them.  Soon the Ojibwe began to spread out over turtle island and it was impossible for the spider woman to protect all of them because there where stretched over the 4 corners of turtle island.  She called them back and made a hoop from twigs.  She than used her silk to weave a web inside the hoop. Her web was magical and would catch any bad spirts trying to pass through.  There would always be a hole in the center where good can pass through.  The spider woman instructed her people to hand them in their homes near an opening to protect them and keep them connected to her wherever they were. 

Materials - collect twigs and bend them and tie the ends or use paper plates and punch holes.  yarn, and art feathers.